induction heating graphite susceptor-united induction

Journal of Crystal Growth

A new susceptor structure with a ring groove on the conventional column-shaped graphite susceptor is proposed for the vertical and induction heating MOCVD reactor, aimed at dividing the inner heat of susceptor into two parts, one of which accumulates on the upside and the other downside of the groove.

Induction heating graphite susceptor with RF IGBT Heater

Induction heating graphite susceptor for glass reflow for X-ray tubes Objective Heat graphite susceptor for glass reflow in the manufacturing of x-ray tubes Material Glass disc 0.98 x 0.12 " (25 x 3mm), graphite susceptor, stainless steel holder, Glass bell

Numerical Study of Heating Structure in Cold

On the traditional heating structure of MOCVD reactor, the temperature distribution of substrate is nonuniform, which goes against the film growth. This paper focuses on the numerical calculation of the heating structure, by using SiC and graphite as the materials of the new susceptor and coupling with multifields. By adjusting the position and size of each of the ring body of graphite in the


article{osti_4812537, title = {SUSCEPTOR ELEMENTS FOR HIGH TEMPERATURE INDUCTION HEATING}, author = {Hasko, S and Parker, H S}, abstractNote = {Powdered iridium and tungsten, and sheet tungsten, tantalum, molybdenum, and 80 platinum-20 rhodium alloy were employed in the fabrication of small susceptors for 2300 deg C in air and in excess of 2600 deg C in helium were


article{osti_4812537, title = {SUSCEPTOR ELEMENTS FOR HIGH TEMPERATURE INDUCTION HEATING}, author = {Hasko, S and Parker, H S}, abstractNote = {Powdered iridium and tungsten, and sheet tungsten, tantalum, molybdenum, and 80 platinum-20 rhodium alloy were employed in the fabrication of small susceptors for 2300 deg C in air and in excess of 2600 deg C in helium were


NUMERICAL MODELLING OF SILICON MELT PURIFICATION IN INDUCTION DIRECTIONAL SOLIDIFICATION SYSTEM G. Djambazov (1), V. Bojarevics, K. Pericleous(1) and M. Forzan(2) (1)University of Greenwich, Park Row, London, SE10 9LS, United Kingdom

Susceptor Heating

Susceptor heating is a popular induction heating process. A susceptor is a conductive metal material that is used to transfer heat to another piece of metal or non-conductive material. Susceptors are often made from graphite because it is highly resistive and very machinable, or alternatively from stainless steel, aluminum, or other materials.

Induction Heating

Because induction heating is accomplished using a magnetic field, the work piece (or load) can be physically isolated from the induction coil by refractory or some other non-conducting medium. The magnetic field will pass through this material to induce a voltage in the load contained within.

Innovative Induction Melting Technologies: A Historical Review

bottom part and not at the top (Fig.4), a graphite susceptor above the crucible is used to heat Fig. 2. Induction heated horizontal zone refining of silicon, using a wa-ter-cooled silver boat Fig. 3. Water-cooled silver crucible and pulled silicon crystal (left), cage

Thermal Analysis of Induction Furnace

furnace liner (susceptor), crucible, induction coil, copper-liner, graphite felt insulation and alumina refractory. These furnace components are enclosed in stainless steel vacuum vessel. Figure 1 shows the schematic layout of the equipment. Induction heating is

Susceptor Heating

Heating Applications Special Applications Susceptor A susceptor is typically used for the induction heating of materials such as polymers and ceramics which are not electrically conductive. The susecptor is heated by induction, while heat is transferred to the work material by conduction.

Induction heating system – working and components

For heating non-conductive materials, for example, plastics or glass, induction can be utilized to heat an electrically-conductive susceptor e.g., graphite, which then passes the heat to the non- leading material. Induction heating discovers applications in procedures

Graphite Heating Systems

Graphite Heating Systems ensure that precise power input to each zone of the susceptor is achieved by varying either or both the overall power level and the amount of time power is switched to a particular zone of the coil during each power distribution cycle of the system.

Horizontal Chalcogenide CVD (MOCVD 1)

MOCVD1 is a cold wall horizontal gas source chemical vapor deposition system. Induction heating enables selective heating of the graphite susceptor while maintaining the quartz wall at a lower temperature. Water circulation through a quartz jacket maintains a

IHG06A3 Compact High Frequency Induction Heater w/

IHG06A3 Induction Heater Features Separated heater on a cable so it can be used by hand like a wand for added heating flexibility. Specially designed for heating and welding thin metal parts, blades and melting of small quantity of metallic powder, ultra fast. Light

Induction Curing Adhesives

Induction Curing Epoxy Adhesives What is induction curing? So how does it work? Simply put, line power is converted to alternating current and delivered to a work coil which creates an electromagnetic field within the coil. The piece with the epoxy on it can be metal or a semiconductor such as carbon or graphite

Induction Melting Applications and Furnace Technology

Graphite susceptor heating systems Water cooling system Turn-key melting systems Furnace, coil and water-cooled lead repair In today's demanding manufacturing environment, foundries require equipment that is efficient, affordable and reliable.

Induction Induction heating for graphitizing process furnaces

Induction Induction heating for graphitizing process furnaces Smart solution for multi-zone heating control Ideal for complex heat treament processes, unbalanced furnace loading Power generator, with several outputs operated in PW mode Power factor over 0,92

How Induction Susceptor Heating Works

The susceptor is heated by an induction heating system, where conduction transfers heat to the work material. Susceptors are often made out of silicon carbide, molybdenum, graphite, stainless steels and a number of other conductive materials. Ambrell's


Induction heating is widely utilized in different industrial applications such as melting, forging, Graphite is used as a susceptor and it heats up the charge by radiation and conduction. In induction melting process, Induction coil and workpiece can be (SEC) asD

Electromagnetic induction and The Joule effect

Induction heating also allows heating very locally. The heating speeds are extremely high because of the high power density. Induction heating is the process of heating an electrically conducting object (usually a metal) by electromagnetic induction, where eddy currents (also called Foucault currents) are generated within the metal and resistance leads to Joule heating of the metal.

Utilization of Induction Bonding for Automated Fabrication of TIGR

possibility of heating the graphite fibers in the composite by magnetic induction without a metal susceptor. Frequencies of 200 to 500 kHz were found to heat composite panels to 300 (= in 15 to 30 minutes. Models of the process are based on resistance heating

Maximum Joule heat by tubular susceptor with critical

2009/1/30The susceptor is often made of graphite because it offers an ideal resistivity for induction heating [5, 9, 10], but figure 6 shows that stainless steel can also obtain Joule heat similar to that of graphite when the tubular susceptor has a critical thickness.

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